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Wooden Lampshades: Product


Using the machines we have available we are able to create

the items below with extreme precision 

Gav Barstools.jpg

Our Unique version of the 

Gavin Barstool

 We have modified the footing slightly to   increase overall strength and stability. 


QK Legs

Need a Table in a hurry?

Got a slab of wood or an old door lying around?

All you need is a set of our QK Legs and you're good to go, slide them over the corners and  fasten using our tensioner on the rear.

Available in various powdercoated colours,more designs to follow! 


Deck Chair

Bespoke metal frame available in any

colour, covered in your

choice of wood

Pricing, Dimensions etc available soon

Alexa Barstool

Laser cut and bent metal components,

can be left as raw metal or powdercoated

any colour you'd like!

Coupled with a set of solid timber legs

it creates a simple yet elegant design.

5 Piece Metal kits available for those DIY folk who'd love to make

their own legs.   

Pricing, Dimensions etc available soon
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