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A Decorative Wall or Ceiling light with the name Ombra, meaning Shadow. The Ombra collection comes alive at night with the unique pattern scattered onto the wall. 
Product Dimensions ( MDF wood Graphic ) 
Small Graphic - 330mm         Approx Shadow Size - 627mm (To be confirmed)
Medium Graphic - 470mm     Approx Shadow Size - 900mm
Large Graphic - 600mm        Approx Shadow Size - 1140mm (To be Confirmed)
Wall Mount Cup Diameter - 120mm
Lightbulbs - They are all 2700k lumens, that being a light bulb that produces light perceived as yellowish white in colour. 
We recommend a larger Graphic if you choose a large ( 125mm ) Lightbulb and choose a Graphic colour that will contrast with your wall. 
*PLEASE NOTE - These lights are made for existing wall/ceiling connections, should you not have an electrical connection recessed into your wall, we recommend purchasing our " Ombra Cordset " found on our Online Store --> Click Here <--
**The Graphics used and the general concept/idea of our Ombra Collection are our Intellectual Property under the sub-category of Aesthetic Design throughout Southern Africa**

Ombra Circles

PriceFrom R1 863,00
Wall Mount Cup/Lampholder Colour
  • Should you not have a built in power source in your wall, you will need to order the additional cordset, found in our store, along with your Ombra Wall light. This will be wired into the side of your Wall Mount Cup and be 3m/5m/10m in length. We will include a switch in the cable and a 2pin plugtop at the other end.  

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